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Stick to Your New Year's Resolution!

For more information and help achieving your health and nutrition goals, contact me today! I work in-person, by phone, or by skype/facetime with my clients.

Woo hoo! You're one whole week into your new year's resolutions! How is it going?

Most people make all kinds of resolutions when they are in the midst of unhealthy holiday festivities. Then, they are super motivated to "tighten it up" that first week, but they start losing motivation. Sound familiar? It sure does to me!

I really don't like the whole resolution thing because it's usually temporary. I prefer setting small, achievable goals until you reach your ultimate goal. In my experience, focusing on these three things will help guide you to your final destination, no matter where/what it is!

1. Accountability :

Unless you are the most amazingly disciplined and focused human being on this planet, you need accountability with reaching your goals. With nutrition and fitness, most people are confused as to what they are doing because there is so much contradictory information out there.

My job as a nutrition coach is to not only develop a nutrition plan for you, but to keep you accountable to your goals - especially when the novelty of your new nutrition program wears off. :)

You want someone who is going to encourage you and create a non-judgmental environment where you can share your struggles. That person should be able to provide support and solutions to both the mindset and physical struggles. Weight loss is hard, and you need support! I like to create a fun and positive experience for my clients so that they appreciate the small victories and look forward to meeting with me.

2. Life is a marathon:

We put time limits and expectations on when we should reach our goals. Then, when life happens and we get slightly off track, we tend to throw the baby out with the bath water. That's probably not the best way to handle obstacles, and it won't get you to your goals - especially when it comes to health and nutrition.

Losing a 1/2 lb. - 2 lbs. a week may not be that exciting, but it's much more sustainable over the long haul, and a lot less miserable getting there. Losing weight slowly also means that you are probably doing it the healthy way versus crash dieting and wrecking your metabolism.

We need to look at life as a marathon, and one bad decision will not derail you or your diet. In the case of health and nutrition, it's the consistent good decisions that add up! You must focus on doing the best you can in situations that you can control, and congratulating yourself for the small achievements!

I used to run a million miles a week, and although it probably wasn't the best choice of exercise, I did learn a lot of life lessons doing it! I learned that the small increases in mileage eventually allowed me to run distances I never thought were possible. I was addicted to the feeling I got after running, and I wanted to feel my best during it!

I became shockingly disciplined in other areas of my life. I started to realize that I didn't want to eat horribly anymore because it made my runs miserable. I needed to eat enough and to eat the right foods that would fuel my glycogen stores and maintain my muscle during those long endurance runs.

3. Yes - this is indeed your life:

It's happening right now! Sometimes we dream about what we could be or wish we could do or achieve, and years start flying by. This is your life and you have to make the choices that will set you up for success NOW. Don't settle for less. As much as I wish I had a magic wand that would shed those extra pounds for people, it takes discipline and hard work!

BE the person you want to be! Imagine yourself being leaner and fitter! It may take a year or more to get there, but it's SO worth starting the journey now instead of continuing to put it off or never actually committing to improving your quality of life.

I don't know about you, but I want to look back on my life knowing that I did the best I could! Don't be a "talker," be a "doer!" Put one foot in front of the other and you will cover a lot of miles before you realize it!

If you're not sure what you should be doing to stay on track, contact me today, and I can help! For more information about me, please click on this box ----------->

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